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I'm new to pixels so I may be way off-base in my questions (sorry in advance). 


Is there a way to create custom effects within the pixel editor?  I have created a 'firework' model with 7 different strands (of different lengths).  I want to be able to do things like chases on an individual string.  Am I using the wrong tool for this?  I've come close using the bars with highlighting (from bottom).  However, restarting the effect show the bars repeating.  


I've watched both the PE tutorials and I've had my node in the online documentation as well.  


Would I be better off served using Superstar?



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Is your firework model defined as a single prop, or 7 different props? If a single prop, could you post a screen shot of its prop definition window?



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Thanks Matt.  


It is a single prop.  I thought about breaking it out into separate props, but then I'd lose the ability to run effects over the entire prop right?  


See attached (let me know if you need a larger image).  Thanks again. 



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First, I would recommend removing the empty columns. Just copy the whole custom grid to the clipboard, paste it into a spreadsheet, remove the blank columns, then copy/paste back into the custom grid. Then change the number of columns to 7.


You can control individual columns by creating a mask image in MS Paint. In Paint, change the image size to 7x29 pixels. Change all pixels to black. If you want an effect on just one column, set that column to white in your Paint image. When you are done, save the image as a png image.


Open the Pixel Editor, select Tools > Effect Generator. Set the left effect to Butterfly (as an example, could be anything). Set the right effect to picture, then select the image you created in MS Paint. In the middle, change the mix setting to "Mix_Rt_Reveals_Lt". Now just the pixels you painted white will appear in the results window in the middle. You can create all kinds of masks to create interesting effects.



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