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Loaded the wrong firmware and now I can't connect to board


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Hey guys, 


So a little background. I am new to the hardware aspect of LOR. I used the software to help my roommate write sequences back in college but never did much on the hard ware end besides helping set up lights. I wanted to get into it for myself so I bought the DIY planet Christmas CTB16PC box. I put it together this last weekend and went to test it this morning. I connected to the computer just fine but when I went to test my lights only channels 13,15, and 16 were working. Having no idea where to start on the hardware side I decided to try to update the firmware first, seemed like the easiest fix to me. I didn't realize how many different board options there were so I downloaded the first firmware I found for a 16 channel board not realizing I had other options. Now I realize this was actually firmware for the DC controller CMB16D. Well my board took the firmware update and i immediately lost control of it. I reset the board by turning off the power, removing the jumper from J0, plugging it back in, waiting a few seconds, unplugging and reconnecting the jumper. At this point i had a long blinking LED. It'd stay red for about 2 seconds, go off for a 1/4 of a second then come back on for 2 seconds. Repeating this continuously. So I found if I go into the hardware utility and check ignore errors on the unit id box I can find the board. It is now called Bootloader-CB16. The same LED pattern was still blinking. I downloaded what i think is the correct firmware;  CTB19PC_V4.02 (I know its not the most current) and went to upload that. Since then the status box has said loading for roughly 10 minutes and the led has been solid red. Not really sure what to do from here... Realizing I'm a bit over my head and probably should have just bought an assembled board to begin with but I thought this would be fun and I 'd learn some things. Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you!

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