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questions on movie effect


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Hi Matt

I have a couple of questions regarding the movie effect. I am running a 16 strip (2811) with a 682 controller. I have successfully created the sequence with the avi file, but the movie covers the entire tree. I would like to have it kind of centered in a "box" if that is possible? Also, what would you recommend for the video size to be?

I am running 4.1.2 pro

Thanks for any help you can provide....this pixel editor is an awesome tool!


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I would recommend that you scale your movie to the size of your prop using an external program, and then disable the "Scale Image" checkbox in the Movie effect.


In theory, you could resize your movie to something smaller than your prop. However, the current version of the Pixel Editor will display the movie in the upper left corner of your prop in this case. I consider this a bug - it should be centered - I will have this fixed in the next release.



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