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My CTB16PC's wont turn on lights but work ok on WinXp not Win 10


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I have 5 CTB16Pc controllers and they all work just fine on last years setup, which was WinXP and version 3.12.2. Just tested them a few mins ago.

This year using computer #2. its a Windows 10 and I have a E1.31 controller attached to computer with a crossover Cat5. it works Flawlessly, But I can't get last years controllers to work. They are connected with the USB Rs485 dongle then cat5 to controller. When I go to control panel it will turn on and off the lights to which ever controller that is hooked up. So It appears I have good communication. I have "control lights" turned on in SE and in PE. I have tried Show on DEmandin Control Panel to test and just the E1.31 works perfect but my CTB16's don't work. When I hook the Rs485 dongle and cat5 to the controller the green LED oon the CCT board goes from blinking to solid. So I feel communication is established. A side note I am using Version 4.3.2 Pro. I'm not sure why the CTB's are not allowing info through. All looks like it should work. I'm at a loss......... please help thanks in advance.

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Few things come to mind.


What version of controller? (Green status light or red?) If Green ... you're good there. 

Firmware? What's the firmware version running on those boxes? If they are somewhat out of date, you might consider upgrading to a newer firmware.

Why? If you are trying to run enhanced networks, then you will need the newer (newest) firmware version in order to do so. Otherwise your are sending data to the controller it doesn't understand. Easy way to test this, turn off enhanced networks in the LOR Network Utility and see if the CTB16's work. If they do (and your other stuff doesn't) then problem found.

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