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Pixcon16 Power


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I plan to use a Pixcon16 next year and unsure on power injection options. Several of my props will be close to the Pixcon16 and several will be over 25 foot away.


Example: Running from one channel of Pixcon16 out to prop (25 ft). These are 8 (16pixel) candy canes that are 3 ft apart.


Question: Do I run power (+12vdc) from Pixcon16 or install a separate small power supply close to candy canes? I would run only ground and data from Pixcon16 to first candy cane and then inject +12vdc at first candy cane.


Also, the cable between each candy cane (3ft) is acceptable without any null pixels?


I also plan to inject power at the last pixel on the last candy cane.


Please advise.




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If I were doing that, I would do both. That is, run a 3-wire cable from the Pixcon16, with null pixels, and inject power at the candy canes.


There are some power supplies that may behave badly if another power supply drives their output voltage to a higher level, but I do this with matched 5v power supplies on my pixel tree, and have never had any problems.

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