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Some LOR AC Controller channels not firing...


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I have 8 LOR AC controllers this year - plus Alphapix's for the smart strip. Running the show from an inside laptop. PE working great - no issues with the smart stuff. Sequences are all DMX, channels assigned in order, controllers 1 to 8, even the unused ones (no load - nothing attached to that output). All dumb lights, dumb strip are on Universe 1, taken from the RS485 port of an AlphaPix, then daisy chained to the LOR AC controllers and the LOR CMB24Ds. Crossover cable used to 1st LOR AC controller.


For the first time in several years, I am having issues with a couple of the LOR AC controllers - some channels here and there just not firing (appear to be not firing). When I use that same power cord attached to an AC power source to the prop's light string, i.e. "mouth open", etc. that string section lights fine. This tells me that the cord and the light strings are good.


Tried changing the output to use another one. 


I will double check channel assignments to ensure that there are no collisions or unspecified channels that are somehow causing wrong channels to fire in DMX. I guess I'm kind of answering my own question but any other thoughts are welcome!



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