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CMB24D Fade Voltage 10W Floods


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Trying to get my new 10W floods with CMB24D fading all the way (or at least almost all the way) and having no success. Rock solid 12v power supply and smooth fades from 1-100%, but 0-1% is huge jump in intensity. Consistently getting ~1 V at 0% and 4-4.1V at 1% out. Since it's my first cmb24d I don't have anything to compare it to. Remaining 180channel ctb16 and 32 ccr/ccb fade smooth.

Already reset controller and tried with multiple 10W lor floods on different channels. Bad board? User brain damage?

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Remember that the controller does not vary the voltage on the outputs. Therefore a voltmeter will give inaccurate readings (especially a digital meter). The output of the CMB24D is pulse width modulated to vary the intensity of the lights. Even most "true RMS" meters can't give an accurate reading.

Also remember that LEDs have a quite different dimming curve than an incan light. It's just the nature of the beast. The dimming curve for a LED is pretty linear whereas an incan is far from linear. For better or worse, our eyes are also far from linear - and are far closer to that of the incan than an LED. To complicate it a little more, LEDs do have a minimum that you can't get around. As soon as they start to conduct, the will start making light.

What all this means is ignore your DVM, and don't even stare at the floodlight while testing. Point the flood at a wall like you will do for actual use, and test. It will likely be fine.

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