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Colorwash effect question


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Trying to do a simple changing of colors across my whole house prop.  I thought the colorwash effect would do it.  I selected two colors (red and green) with H and V Fades set to full.  When I run the effect itjust does the red.  My actual plan was to go red>green>blue>yellow>pink>orange>red.  If I can use the start/end color mode as well that would be even more preferable to give me even more variation in the colorwash.


Am I using the wrong effect?  I know I can do all of this manually but I was hoping that the effect generator would allow me to select my colors and I just have to modify the sequence end to end for a quick sequence effort.


Any help is greatly appreciated.


Mike A.

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You can use the colorwash effect with the start and end colors, but you will have to use multiple effects with color pairs - 1 for red>green, 1 for green>blue, etc.


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