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I purchased 2 CCR's to create arches (either 2 or 4). I am struggling to get sequences for this year. Does anyone has arches sequenced to any of the following songs that I could copy?


Carol of the Bells - David Foster

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Christmas Eve Sarajevo - TSO

Mad Russian Christmas - TSO

Wizards in Winter - TSO

Christmas Vacation

Polar Express

Amazing Grace Techno





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I have Wizards in Winter and Christmas Eve Sarajevo for my 6 arches with 50 pixels each.  The layout was done to complement the sequences I bought from Brian Bruderer for my pixel tree.  I would have to remove the purchased portion, but the rest is all mine.  Give me an E-Mail address.

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I have one for Wizards In Winter.  My arches are 2 CCRs set up as 4 arches.  I have to say, I think I messed up the configuration setup of the 2 half arches in SuperStar when I made them,  maybe I didn't...who knows.  Anyway, I know they look weird in SuperStar when it plays the sequence but it works perfectly for my arch setup.  You're welcome to it, it's fairly simple sequence, nothing special.  If you check out my web site, click on the 2013 videos, it's in there if you want to preview.

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Have you actually built your arches yet?  I will build arches using CCRs for next year, but still haven't figure out a reliable method.  E.g., it could be two arches, one CCR, using grey elect conduit, with CCRs cable tied to the conduit.  Or, I might use 7/8" ID x 1" OD x 1/16" Wall Clear Polycarbonate Rigid Tubing from www.eplastics.com, and put the CCRs inside that tubing.  Again, I haven't yet decided on arches or full circles.



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