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What did I forget? Can't get CCP to work via scheduler


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Hi all


I have 20 CCP controllers connected to a single Comm port (COMM 7).  I have the Unit IDs set from 10 up to 36, and the Hardware tool has no problems seeing each of the controllers.  The Hardware tool sees all of the lights and I am able to light each of the 40 light strands from the tool.

I set up a Mega Tree in the Visualizer and tagged each of the 40 strands with a Unit ID, starting at 10 and going up to 37.

I imported the Visualizer into SuperStar (SS), added music, and created an file.

I exported the file to the Sequence Editor and checked the channels to confirm the proper Unit IDs were on the right channels - everything looked good (10 through 37)

I saved the file, created a Show with that file, and scheduled it to play

I start up the LOR Control Panel, it seems to load fine, and I hear my song being played, but the lights on the tree are not lighting.


I'm sure I've forgotten a step, but I con't figure it out.  Any ideas?


Thanks in advance

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