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CCP's and sun damage


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Hello southerners, need to ask a question!


Do you take precautions to protect your CCP or CCB's? (CCR's)

We all know how the sun ruins everything, like headlight covers and Xmas lights. This is my first year putting out CCP strings. In a matrix and will be seeing the sun 6+ hours a day for the next four weeks. They look pretty durable but by the time I see yellowing it will be too late. Wondering if I should cover them during the day. Small price to pay as they ain't cheap!





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I live in North Florida and my CCB's have been going strong for 3 years now. I'd be curious if anybody else has had issues with this though.


Seeing as my CCB's line my roofline and eaves. covering them isn't really an option, unless I get a termite tent, lol.


I guess we just have to trust that the manufacturer has taken us weirdos who wear shorts in December into mind during design :)

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