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Channels in SE not showing up in PE


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I created props in Pixel Editor to match the sequence editor, but for some reason, only 10 of the 16 channels are showing up.  When I click the props button to show what to display, I have the option in PE for the missing channels, but they dont show up as SE channels so I can't see the existing programming on the channel.  I am changing the lights to Smart RGB's and wanted to use the previous versions to copy from so I have the timings, etc.  It figures that the channels I don't need are the ones that show up.


Attached is a view from the SE showing the channels, and the PE showing what props are available to display.  I have recreated the props in PE several times to make sure all the settings are the same, and each time, the first 6 channels do not show up in PE when I open the file.  They are all there when I open the file in SE.

PE and SE Channels.pdf

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Found it.  For some reason I missed the box that asks what it was sequenced in for those items when creating the props in Pixel editor.  Need to slow down, but I can't!

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