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controllers not working during show but fine in HU


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I have 11 Controllers.


7 16 Channel

2 CCR's

2 CMB 24 with dumb ribbons and floods


When I run hardware utility I can see all controllers.  


As soon as I try testing a sequence, half of the controllers work and the others do not.  It is very random.


I am also having an issue with my one of my CMB 24's.  Only one half of the unit is lighting.  Could this be a fuse?  I hope.  Or something else going on.


All I know is, here I am a few days before go live and things are not working.


All units have the latest firmware.  I am running the latest S4 software as well.

Sometime when I run hardware utility only 8 of the 11 units show up.


I have had no issues the past 3+ years and now am frustrated.  Ideas



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Just ran Hardware utility again.


Now 9 of the 11 controllers show up with 04 - unknown device.  04 is a regular 16 channel controller.



Just ran it again and now 05 - is unknown and 04 disappeared

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