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Enhanced vs. Non-Enhanced Network


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I've updated to version 4 of the software which now has the ability to add 'Enhanced' to an individual network.  I have four networks, one 'Regular' and three High Speed networks.  One of my networks drives my 12 CCR tree (12 controllers), one drives my 24 strand Pixel Tree (6 CCP controllers) and the third drives 5 controllers connected to my arches.  Prior to going 'live' for our Yule show on Friday I changed all the high speed networks to 'Enhanced'.  


Much to my horror, my 12 CCR tree did not work at all.  Using the Hardware Utility I found that things were working just fine.  During my panic, I tried changing the network that connects to my 12 CCR tree to -Non-Enhanced'.  Then everything worked.


So, does anyone know why my other two networks work just fine with the 'Enhanced' setting, yet the network connected to my 12 CCR tree didn't.  



Ken (WestSeattleYuletide)

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Thanks for the replies.  I'm guessing I do need to update my firmware, although at this time I'm going to wait out the

season, (If it ain't broke, don't fix it) as things are now running just fine.


And I am running the Pro level of license.  I do like some of the new features but

that 'Enhanced' network thing has tripped me up more than once.

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