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So i did a brief look for help on this issue but didn't find anything so I am asking anyways, I apologize if it is somewhere else or already been explained. 


So I have used my CCRs a few times for a 12 ccr tree. I have always treated them very well and store them in a nice warm area during the off season. This year after constructing my CCR tree I turned it on and ran a script for the first time 5 out of my 12 stayed bright white. They did not respond to the sequence at all and just remained white. I thought about restarting the controller but then I decided to plug in one of the spare CCr ribbons i had and it worked. I then assumed it was the ribbon that was having issues. What would cause this to happen? Is there something I should look for on the ribbon? Is it reparable or am i just SOL? I mean 5 in one year is crazy to me that they all break down like that especially about how expensive these things are! 


Any help would be appreciated. 





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