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Hi everyone,


I'm posting here as a last ditch effort to see if there is anything I can do to avoid a 6 week repair. Wanna see if anyone has any troubleshooting ideas for me:


One of my controllers (an LOR1602MP3) is having issues. Initially, it would be recognized by the HU, but not respond to any commands from the HU nor be able to carry out a sequence. So, I did the following troubleshooting steps:


  • Checked the Unit ID to make sure everything was good there. It is...not duplicated or anything like that. 
  • Swapped the fuses to see if anything changed for better or worse: it didn't.
  • Did a reset of the controller as described in the manual (turned the dials to 0-0, etc..). This actually did make a change, and it leaves me in my current state: I still have no control over the controller via the HU or sequences, but the controller seems to be playing a random sequence of some sort any time power is applied.
    • Because of this, I clicked the button to delete standalone sequences in the HU (even though nothing should have been there anyway after a reset). No change.
  • I've also tried alternate power sources and things like that, but no luck.

I have 3 other 16-channel controllers that all work fine, and my CMB24D and my two CCRs are working just fine. 


Can you guys think of anything I can try before I send this thing in? Obviously 6 weeks puts me past Christmas, and I bought an extra controller LAST YEAR because of a very similar situation (controller fried, had to send in for repair, didn't want to wait). I really can't justify buying another extra controller for the exact same reason. The issues last year actually encouraged me to do a Halloween show this year, so that it was like a warm-up/equipment check before Christmas. This controller worked JUST FINE for Halloween. Frustrating that something has happened in that short of time.


Thanks in advance everyone! 

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So, I'll never understand when this happens, but I'll also never complain: my system spontaneously started to operate correctly. For now, I'm good to go.

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