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Dennis Laff

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Hi Matt , Here's the problem my lor ccr tree shows up in the effect generator it shows all the effects but does not turn lights on outside or in visualizer after intensity file sent to sequencer editor every other pixel I sequence in pixel editor plays outside also if I sequence the ccr tree in superstar or sequence editor it plays outside and in visualizer any ideas running latest version of pixel editor pro version 60 ccr license thanks Dennis

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In order to control lights from the Pixel Editor:

  • CCRs must be running the latest firmware.
  • They must be on an "enhanced" LOR network (enhanced must be selected in Network Configuration).
  • The LOR Control Panel must be running.
  • "Control Lights" must be enabled in the Pixel Editor's Tools menu

You can find more information by selecting Help > Contents from the Pixel Editor's menu, then navigating to Pixel Editor > Menu Bar > Tools Menu > Control Lights.


Have you tried opening your sequence in the LOR Verifier? If you do, does it show any overlapping channels?



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