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G3-MP3 showtime Director & hardware utility glitch


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I upgraded to the new Showtime Mp3 Director.  I have always used the hardware utility to create my shows.  With this new unit, when I hit "create show" within the HU, a new box pops up "set final options and write to sd card"- this box doesn't look anything like the one described in the manual - and there is NO button that says "create show."  If I click out of that box and go back to the MP3 HU screen, hit create show, the same box pops up.


I don't have any bells and whistles - just lights and music.  

Getting really annoyed!!!!!!!

What am I missing???



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What version of software are you using? The MP3 director you are using has nothing to do with the software issue you may (or may not be having.)


When you click on the MP3 tab, you get a place to add files, change show times, etc. Click "Create Show" and you get a second window with options to assign the show number, select the SD drive, and other options (in Step 3 and 4.) You then click "Place Show on the SD Card."

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I am using version 4.2.6 advanced.  The 2nd window does pop up, but there is NO BUTTON at the bottom that states "place show on SD card."  There is this button on the 1st screen, but when I push that, it just brings up the 2nd screen.

I know how to use the hardware utility - used my old MP3 showtime director for the past 6 years.  There is just a glitch with this new software.

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I'd put in a ticket to the help desk on this one.


If you can, roll back to an earlier version, or install an earlier version on another machine, to create your shows. (I'm on 4.1.2 and haven't noticed any problems writing to SD cards.)

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