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Happy Thanksgiving to all got my 8 sets of 50ct pixel from LOR hook them up with cat 5 and attached to stand alone and purchased an RGB sequence and no lights, so now am stuck. Can someone help me on what I need to do to get this up and running. trying to add a RGB mega tree to my network. what else do I need to do or purchase. This is what I have  1) LED mega tree, 2 LED arches and another residential controller for yard stuff and  3) CMB24D controllers one for floods, one for ribbons (dumb) and one for RGB tree toper and star. really need some help on setting up this tree have pro level software. my e-mail is c369phi@yahoo.com live in Middletown NY help help......

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Who did you purchase the RGB Sequence from? They should be able to tell you what is assigned, and where. (Unit ID, etc.)


Software version?

License Level? [Opps, I see it. Pro.]

Number of Networks? (USB Adapters.)

Date of hardware purchase (if it's more than a year ago.)

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