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LOR160xw g3-MP3 Error 1-01


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I am getting a 1-01 error on my LOR160xW g3-MP3 controller.  It is switching from the time to the 1-01 error.  No lights come on from this unit but 2 out to the 3 units attached to this unit do work.

Here is the configuration

Unit ID -1  CTB16PC 

Unit ID -2   CTB16PC

Unit ID-3  CTV16PC

Unit ID -4  LOR160xW G3-MP3 


I put in a SD card formated MS-DOS 16 bit with simple animation program that just turns on all lights on power on.  Here is what happened:

Unit 4-  LED Display alternating from TIME to 1-01

Unit 2 - no lights on

Unit 3-  All lights on

Unit 1 - All lights on


The only other thing that I am doing different from normal setup is that I only have a total of 6 power outlets for the 4 units, this is requiring that I use a 3 to 1 spitter (3rd socket empty)  for two of the units.  Anyone think this could cause a problem?

Any help would be appreciated...I am suppose to start this show the day after Thanksgiving!


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It looks like the 1-01 is actually telling me that show 1-01 is running.  I will swap out the SD card to a different brand and try it again.

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Yes, that message specifically means Show 1, Sequence 1 is running.  It's not an error at all.


So it sounds like your Show Director is running the other units without issue but not properly running its own channels.  I doubt it's a problem with the SD card, in that case.  It's probably a unit ID error in either the unit itself or in the sequences, so that the sequences are being told to play channels that don't actually exist.  For example, if you accidentally set the controller to something other than ID 4, or if your channels are accidentally configured as ID 5.


Assuming that your sequences have indeed set those channels as Unit 4, I'd begin by checking out the Hardware Manager to see how the director unit is configured.  


By the way, a handy tip is that you can run an ethernet cable from the controller at the end of your daisy chain and (assuming that you have one of the adaptors) plug it into your laptop.  You can then use the Hardware Manager on the laptop to search for units and make sure that they're all properly configured.  :)

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