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Pixcon Setup from scratch

Robert Burton

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Hi Folks,

Hope everyone's setup is going well. I am 6.5 hours away from my setup and am doing a lot of sequencing and studying while away to and from on the drive ;-)


I have the Pixcon 16 in the setup this year. Everything wired up and ready to go. Several times I have gotten xLights to "work" with it for a test. However it would go "dumb" and not even see the controller at times. Because of setup time, I honestly would just have to walk away from it and say "I'll get back to it later.".... many times.  So now I am at the point of going back to it when I get home. I know several things have changed since the manual was written in August. Yes. I have read it. Yes. I know how to setup a e1.31 system (have 3 e682's that was not this hard to setup).  Will be reading the manual and the Into to DMX / e1.31 thing on the way back home tomorrow.


Is there a thread with the simple step by step setup SINCE the new versions of the firmware and ip troubleshooter (btw, is that the "Find Pixcon Controller" thing in the Network Config panel?). 


I know that I am not the only one that needs this.



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