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Pixcon16 Daisy Chained Pixels Not Working

Caleb Linburg

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Hello, I have a pixcon16 running 8 ports at 5v and 8 ports at 12v. On the 5 volt side, I have 9 elements. To solve the issue of not having enough ports, I connected the end of the first string to the beginning of the next, and injected power in-between. Even though I did this, only the first string lights. I have set the sequence editor to control 170 pixels on every port and just turn them on white. Everything else turns on except for the one I have daisy chained. If I put the second one in first place, it will light by itself. I am thinking that I must be missing something simple, but have checked connections and plugging and unplugging a ton of wires to try different things, but I can't get it. I also had tried with the pixel editor and had the same results. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks 

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I was able to correct my issue, it was the Pixcon was set to 50 bulbs per port. I had it set for 170 in the pixel editor and sequence editor, but the setting needed changed in the pixcon itself. 

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