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Pixcon not lighting all pixels


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I have constructed a small pixel tree.  Tree consist of 8 strings of 50 pixels (12V).  I have configured the Pixcon as follows:

  Port     Start Universe     Start Channel    # pixels   End Universe     End Channel      Zig Zag

    1                1                           1                 300             2                         390                 6

     2               3                           1                 100             3                         300                  2


I am folding the 50 pixel strings in half.  25 pixels go up the tree and 25 come down.  I am not sure how the pixcon knows where to fold the string.  It never asks for the number of pixels per string.  Although it appears to be running the sequence correctly except for the last string, in which only 10 pixels are working.  The remaining 40 pixels in the string do not light.  I checked the voltage at the end of this last string and it is 11.8 volts.  I programmed the sequence in xlights and converted to LOR.  The sequence editor indicates 8 strings of pixels.  Any idea on why the last 40 pixels will not light?  Do I need something at the end of the last string or is this a software problem? 




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