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Prop definition page assistance needed


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I am setting up a pixel tree prop that is 16 strings 112 pixels each (folded over for 32) starting with dmx universe 2.

Universe one has all my a/c channels. 

On the right column I have selected 510 max channels to match my e682.


My question is in regards to the "individual start channel button. Would I need to check this box or leave it alone? 


Will I be able to sequence with the lights working after setting it all up? 

Thanks, Steve

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In most cases "individual start channels" can be left unchecked. It is there for when strings are out of order, or channels are skipped for whatever reason.


And yes, you can sequence with lights on in the Pixel Editor. Just make sure you have Tools > Control Lights selected/checked on the menu and that the LOR Control Panel is loaded. Select Help > Contents from the menu and navigate to Pixel Editor > Menu Bar > Tools Menu > Control Lights for more information.



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