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DC MP3 director and CCP


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For the 9th year I will be running my 96 channel LOR light show syncronized to music.

This year will be me first year trying a Cosmic Color Device. Bought two CCP units and spliting them on four minitrees.

I also upgraded from advanced to S4 pro to get Pixel Edit.


I finished my lightshow, an 11 minutes mix of songs, in the sequencer. Then moved over to Pixel Edit and have now almost finished adding the CCP mini trees to the sequence.


It just struck me. Is my DC Mp3 card from 2008 outdated? Will it handle CCP?

It is updated to 4.2 firmware, to support longer sequences.

Should I order a G3 Mp3?


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Pixel editor only outputs to Intensity Data, which requires newer firmware to run.


I don't know if an older non-G3 director can handle intensity data, but if I had to make an educated guess, I would say that it can NOT. You would need to get an updated director.


Something else to consider. You are probably going to want the Showtime MP3 which can run two networks. Put the CCD's on one network running enhanced network, and other other running regular network.

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I use the Gn 3 mp3 with 500 k speed ( http://store.lightorama.com/g3mp3director.html.) I set the ccp /ccr's to Network A ( at 500 k speeed) in the Hardware Utility & the regular Lor controller on regular network at 56.7 speed. I was are to run 7 regular controllers, 12 ccr ribbons, & 4 CCP controllers. All ccp light string just burned steady, but two strings ran the arches.

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Thanks, I ordered the G3 Mp3 director now. Hope it will work and reach to me in time. I will light up on Nov 29th.


Will it work if I put the CCP's on one AUX network-channel set to 500K and the regular LOR controllers on the other network-channel set to regular 57.6?


Actually I have five old CTB16D (blue cards) and one new CTB32LD G3. So will I get problem now when I have imported my light sequence into Pixel Edit?

Or will the network set as regular 57.6 ignore the intensity data?


In worst case I will have to keep both directors, the old one for running the old controllers and the new for just running the CCP's, and hope I can get them to syncronize.

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