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export PE previews?


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We have 5 people working on our light show (each has a song to sequence) and we are adding PE to the mix this year.


In the past, it's been easy to just copy the vizualizer file and background graphics, but PE is different.


I found this file:



I saw that it's possible to export props, but I'm wondering if I have a PE preview that I want to distribute to these 5 users, some of who need the technical help to do so, could I simply copy my "final version" of a preview via that xml file or would there be anything missing?


I'm just trying to make sure that's all there is to a preview.


I would write a simple batch script to do the copy so the team members could run it, open up PE, and use the same preview.



It's not impossible for me to re-create the preview 5 times, I just want to try and insure consistency since these 5 sequences will all come together in the end on one computer to run the show.

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Yes, copying that file is all you need to do.


A backup copy of the preview is stored in the PE sequence file (.lpe extension). If you open a sequence and the preview stored with the sequence isn't on your computer (among the ones stored in LORPixelEditorData.xml), then the preview in the sequence is automatically imported. This makes it easy to share sequences. Copying would probably be a better solution for you because that way you can keep the preview in sync in case you need to update it; whereas, importing from a sequence is a one-time event.


Note that effect generator favorites and saved color palettes are also stored in LORPixelEditorData.xml. So if you overwrite an existing LORPixelEditorData.xml file, you will also overwrite the effect favorites and palettes that were stored there.



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