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SE File Open Dialog Box Hidden

Charlie Jarrell

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SE 4.2.10; new install last night; Win 10.


File Open Dialog box seems to be hidden behind the SE screen; I've tried minimizing the screen; going with a single display; nada.  I can open sequences directly from file manager but that's a pain.


Somehow that dialog box is hidden behind the SE screen and I can't get to it.. 


Any ideas? 


Thanks in advance,

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It might be offscreen for some reason? Try this:


Shut down the Sequence Editor if it's already running.


Start up the Sequence Editor.


Wait a bit, giving it a little while to make sure it's totally started before proceeding; do not hit any keys or do anything with your mouse.


Hit the Alt key once (tap it and let up, don't hold it down).  This should open up the New/Open dialog's menus (you won't see them open - don't worry about that).


Hit the left arrow key once.  This should go to its main Windows program menu (again, you won't see this happen).


Hit the down arrow key twice.  This should move ou to the "Move" item on that menu (won't see it happen).


Hit the enter key once.  That should put the New/Open dialog in a mode where you can move it via the arrow keys (won't see it happen).


Hit some arrow key once.  This should move the dialog a little bit in that direction, but more importantly it should put it in a mode where it will be dragged around just by moving your mouse.


Move your mouse (do not click any mouse buttons).  Does the dialog appear, and follow your mouse around?

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