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Request for more simple string effects in PE


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Maybe I am just missing them, but I'd love to see more simple string effects available in PE. For instance, I have CCB window frames and am able to create some pretty decent "unintentional" effects on them using some of the preexisting effects, but would love to see more single string specific effects in a later version.


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Having effects work with the frame shape was very intentional. These effects should work fine:


Bars (direction=left, right, H_expand, H_compress)




Fireworks (pattern=cross)

Garland (fill=left-to-right, right-to-left)

Meteors (effect=left, right)

Pinwheel (number of arms=1 or 2)



Plus you can mix any of the above - using both sides of the effect generator. Try mixing 2 spirals...


If you have more than one frame you can group them -- try using the group "arrangement" setting of "preview". Now the effects will work differently - as if your frames were placed on a matrix.


If you have specific ideas for a new effect, I would be happy to consider it  :)



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I will give this a try. Thank you as always, Matt.


As a developer myself, I am amazed at how great these applications are and your effort doesn't go unappreciated!

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