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Just trying to get the basic right?

Kieren James

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Hi there

This has most likely been covered in another thread somewhere but l could not find and straight forward answers after reading quite a few threads

I have watch both the videos on the PE, but l have to say that l am still struggling to get thing to work correctly.


I still have a couple of questions.


When importing and already made sequence from SE to PE.

Do you remove the channels that have already be assigned in SE to your RGB props that you want to edit in PE?

I have a sequence with a 12 CCR tree that l and trying to import


If yes, which is what l did.


l then made a prop in PE with the same channels l had set up in the  SE, completed some editing in the PE, save the work and generate the data intensity file.


When l go back into SE and open the sequence l have just edited in the PE l don't see any l the work that l completed in the PE


I must being doing something wrong but l just can not work out what..


Should l leave the channel assigned to the RGB CCR  lights in the SE sequence when l open up the sequence in the PE??

I thought if l did that it would cause conflict between which of the two was programes is controlling the lights...


Any help is greatly  appreciated..


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When you send the pixel editor intensity file it shows up in sequencer editor  as a green stripe do you see that

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Hi Dennis


Thanks for your reply


I have not seen that....


Where does that appear?


Top of the screen or after your last controller channel in your sequence?

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Hi when you used the pixel editor and you generated effects when you put them into the sequence in the pixel editor did they playback in pixel editor

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Do you have the right license? Are you hitting Save intensity data, or save? Also, are you closing and re-opening the SE file after you save the data? It does not appear to auto-update, so you have to re-open it. I did not delete the channels, just did not program them in the SE. I am pretty new though, so can't say for sure how you are supposed to do it, but it worked for me.

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Thanks for all the replies



I check my licence and l have the professional licence, so ticket that one off the list.

I do replay the effects that l have put into the PE sequence and can see then ok...

I am saving the Data intensity file in the PE and l am reopening the sequence in SE after completing the work.


I will keep tring

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After you do File > Save Intensity Data, a new file is created. You can check for its existence.


If the SE sequence file is "MySequence.lms", then in the same directory you will find the PE sequence file "MySequence.lpe" and the intensity data file "MySequence.pe.lid".



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I found the PE Prop line by using the scroll bar on the far right, it was like on the next page and not just below my last channel.

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I also had a hard time finding the PE Prop line. The key, as Matt says in his intro video, is to look after the last TRACK in your sequence in Sequence Editor. I was looking after the last channel in my Master Track. If you use the far right scroll bar in Sequence Editor, it will show up as advertised. Just like BlackWolfK9 says. (I am also realizing my Sequences are a bit of a mess. I have a couple tracks in them I really don't use so this made finding PE Props harder.)



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