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CCP controllers blowing up :S


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Hi Guys,


New to the forum, but would really appreciate some help regarding 3 X CCP controllers blowing the same 2 chips in the first day of turning the system on.


My question is, does anyone know of a common reason for the CCP controllers to blow chips? Have I just been unlucky to have 3 out of 29 controllers fail?


Details of the install


I've just finished the install involving 26 x CCP controllers (plus 3 spares) and 12 x 50w Floods across 3 LOR networks using the High Speed USB dongles. All of the power connections have been done using IP66 rated enclosures and every controller has remained completely water tight over the last 4 weeks. The neutral and live terminals were 100% wired correctly.


The first one blew the first time we turned the power on, the second one the following day when we turned the system on, then the third one blew after the power been on all day, turned it off and turned it back on a few minutes later and bang, chip is blown.


First it would trip the power 3 seconds after turning power on, then when turning on again, the controller would go bang, but the power would stay on and the other controllers remain on.


CAT5 has all been daisy chained from USB to final controller in each run. We made our own CAT5 cables using Van Damme Tour Cat 5E and Sentinel CAT5 connectors.


We have used 1.5mm HO5 power runs, powered from 2 x 13 amp fused 230v domestic plugs.


The runs are as follows:


LOR regular network (2 blown CCP controllers)



USB485-HS - CCP - 50w Flood - 50w Flood - CCP - CCP - 50w Flood - CCP - CCP - CCP - 50w Flood - CCP - CCP - CCP


LOR A Network


USB485-HS - CCP - CCP - 50w Flood - CCR - CCR - CCP - 50w Flood - CCP - 50w Flood - CCP - 50w Flood - CCR - CCP - CCR


LOR B Network (1 blown CCP controller)


USB485-HS - 50w Flood - 50w Flood - 50w Flood - 11 x CCP


Many Thanks,



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