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Help with Error message on drag of timing

Guy Dreger

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I'm getting a "Cannot drag an event to or past the start of the previous event" when trying to Move a timing event.  


As you can see from the screen shoot it's a perfectly legitimate move that does not cross any timings.


This is happening randomly and on approximately every 10th move.   this is making it very difficult to animate wording of a song.


Also, as you can see it does move the timing but leaves the event and doesn't resize it.


Is there something I can do to resolve this?



I've updated to 4.2.6.

using Windows 10 64 pro.  8 cpus (I7) and 16 gig of ram. and 216gig free on the drive it's using.






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Can you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) an email with the following information:


(1) Your forum username.


(2) This thread's URL, which is:




(3) A sequence that the problem occurs on.


(4) Instructions on how to make the problem occur (e.g. "try to drag the timing at time 1:02.22 to 1:05.29").



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