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PE color palet is gone

Robert Burton

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Went back into a sequence to look at something and I noticed what should be a butterfly effect is just showing yellow. It shows the butterfly effect in the effects generator. However it is just showing yellow. The choice for pallet is grayed out.


Very similar thing happened in the SE visualizer. I have a colorwash showing in the sequence on RGB prop. It is showing on RGB floods, but not the gutter strips. Channels are correct. However after closing it, running the control panel... it showed up correctly in the VIS. The PE effects generator didn't change with the Control Panel running.


Running 4.26 Pro



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I had similar issues. somehow PE was bleeding my effects together and certain ones would vanish totally, I couldn't figure any solution and actually had to re-sequence them. With my butterfly effect I only get red on first pixel no matter what I try.

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You might try upgrading to the 4.2.10 beta. It fixes some bugs in effect generation.

Note however that the lower left pixel of the butterfly effect does not change color. This is by design.


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