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Effects not showing in show

Minh Tuan

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I have sequenced in the sequence editor and moved it to the pixel editor and clicked on import from sequence editor and added any pixel effects and saved it. when i used the simple show builder to make the show, only the stuff edited in sequencer editor is playing while the pixel editor stuff isnt.

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Actually i found out, i didn't save a intensity file,

Playing my sequence though the show player my chases are nice and smooth, but then when i import to PE and add effects and save as a intensity file and play it though the show player, my SE effects are really laggy and not smooth anymore. Is there a fix to this?

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Could you please send me (bob@lightorama.com) an email with the following information:


(1) Your forum username.


(2) This thread's URL, which is:




(3) A copy of the sequence file (*.lms or *.las).


(4) A copy of the intensity file (*.lid).


(5) The output of the LOR Diagnostic utility.


(6) An example time/channel range where play is problematic.



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