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I am running 64 channels on four controllers. After I programmed about 25 songs for X-mas, I noticed my mega tree was on controller #3. My question is, do I need to daisy-chain the controllers in order (1,2,3,4) or can I change the order to 1,2,4,3? The reason for this is, I would like to attach the controller directly to the mega tree to save running 16 long extension cords or long stretches of Cat-5 cable.


My options at this point are

1. Reprogram all my songs so the mega tree is on controller 4.

2. Run Cat-5 wires back and forth to the other controllers to maintain the order.

3. Change the order of the controllers to 1,2,4,3.


Thanks for the help!





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Any order works no need to change anything the system knows the id of each controller and works it out.

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Any order, the controller responds to commands sent out by the unit. Each unit will only respond to appropriate commands

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