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E 1.31 Channel Configuration Procedure


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It has been 2 or 3 years since I set up my channel configuration for pixels.  At the time, I remember this was discussed on the forum, but I have not been able to find the procedure.  Since I have added new P12s and E682 to my display this year, I need to redo the channel configuration.  


After playing around and experimenting for the past couple weeks, I think I have recreated it; I am posting what I think are the steps below.  Would appreciate any feedback on these steps before I go through the process of reconfiguring everything and then find out this is not the correct procedure.  My set up will be 36 universes of 150 pixels each on two P12s and a single E682.


Thanks in advance for any advice.


  1. Edit – Preferences - Network Preferences

  2. DMX Tab

  3. DMX Universe “Use E1.31”

  4. Unicast so specify IP Address for universes 1-12; for universes 13-24; for universes 25-36

  5. “Apply” when finished with entries

  6. Sequence Editor, Create New Sequence

  7. Right Click on Unit and select Insert Device (above or below)

  8. Select “DMX Universe” in “Device” block

  9. Select Appropriate Universe, that is, 1-36 in my case

  10. Select “Channels” block; since I have 150 pixels in this universe, I will select 464 channels

  11. Click “OK”

  12. In Sequence Editor, Click on the “+” in front of the Device that was just created (DMX1 in my case) to expand all the channels

  13. Right click on the first block, DMX1.1, and select “Convert to RGB Channel”

  14. Check the “Also do this for following channels”

  15. In “Create how many RGB channels,” enter “150”

  16. This will use up 450 of the 464 channels that were created in Step 10 above.

  17. Right click on DMX 1.451 and select “Convert to Group”

  18. Select DMX 1.464 for “Last in Group”

  19. Click “Create Group”

  20. Right click on the group that was just created

  21. Select “Delete Channel Group List”

  22. Click “Yes” in the confirmation window


Do this for each universe

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