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USB485-HS not controlling CMB24D's in SE


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Four CMB24D hooked up and will respond in Hardware manage but SE will not control them even though the Comm Listener and Diagnostics both list the adapter as being connected.


From LOR Diagnostics:


Comm Listener Port = 8837
Dasher Port = 0
List Networks = False
Uses DMX = True
X10 Port = 0
Regular = COM 5, Speed 57.6K
Aux A = COM 3, Speed 500K, Enhanced
Universe 1 = E1.31 /
Universe 2 = ENTTEC Pro / A9XSBIJW
Universe 3 = ENTTEC Pro / A7XSB7BU
I checked in Windows Comm port Events to make sure that I have the right adapter chosen with the right Comm port.
These are my notes on what is what:
LOR - Comm 5 Regular Network
LOR High Speed – Aux A Network Comm 3 Adapter: A704D6IWA
E1.31 - (Universe #1) 
DMX-2 - Comm 4 Adapter: A9XSBIJWA (Universe #2)
DMX-3 - Comm 7 Adapter: A7XSB7BUA (Universe #3)
I can make the CMB24D work in SE if I put them on one of the DMX Acti-dongles and switch all of the jumpers on the CMB24D's.

In the LOR Network Configuration I have the following set up:


LOR Tab:

Regular, Comm 5, 57.6K

Aux A, Comm 3, 500.0K, Enhanced


DMX Tab:

Univ 1,, E1.31 [5568]




In SE the devices are set up as Light-O-Rama Controller on Aux A Network, Units 1 thru 4. I added the devices as RGB channels.


Dip switches on the boards are set as:


Unit 1- sw 9 on

Unit 2- sw 8 on

Unit 3-sw 8 & 9 on

Unit 4- sw 7 on.


Any help would be appreciated because I would like to use this brand new adapter for these four new boards and not have to put them on one of the HolidayCoro adapters. I just bought this USB485-HS from LOR so I wouldn't have to have these new boards on the slow network with my old LOR boards.


ETA: I can plug these four CMB24D's into my Regular LOR Network and change the Unit ID's to 3, 4, 5 & 6 and they work. I have the Regular network hooked up with a LOR SC485-RJ45 Serial adapter.

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Are you running the cmb24 on the red high speed adapter


I just bought this USB485-HS from LOR a week or two ago and it had never been used. (The red one).

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It ended up with the problem being the boards needed to be reset. The adapter is fine and the boards are working with the adapter now. Thanks.

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