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S4 to S3 questions

Robert Burton

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Couple of questions. Some might not be transfer questions, but others will. Still new at the S4 stuff and working on it as time permits in little time chunks. I am running 4.22


Liked the LOR Pixel Editor Inro videos btw. Those were really helpful. Keep em' coming :-)


1) So everything has to be done in sequencer before going over to pixel editor is my understanding. No way to go back to sequence editor after doing anything in PE?  I presume you can do some editing in PE on non-pixel stuff after transferring? I'm talking about non-pixel stuff.


2) Can I keep some channels that might not be used in the show when I transfer to PE?  For some reason I thought I remember it had to be deleted out. For example, I would like to keep some snowflake channels I had in SE. I have moved to pixels on these snowflakes, but there are some standard "stuff" I would like to keep from SE and just recreate it on the pixel snowflakes. LOTS of effects I have used in times past I would like to use. Am I going to have to have two different versions (one in PE and one is SE) to accomplish this?  Same goes for my 24 strip x 40 pixel 180 tree. I have many effects on my incan mega tree I would like to keep and do the same as above. Last year I just created TONS of channels in SE and treated the sequences in that portion like "dumb strips". Gave me the same effect as the old mega tree sequence.


3) I would like the best of two worlds. Can I program in PE, bring in an effect in Xlights 4 and paste it in as I did last year? Worked well with how I had my channels laid out in S3 last year.


4) Are there other tutorials out there for S4 and PE?



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