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Easily Re-ID RGB (DMX) Universe


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I hunted and pecked around on this and nothing jumped out at me. There should be an easy way to do what I need to do.


I have 3 sets of RGB channels in my sequences. Each set is its own DMX Universe. Each is in its own Group.


DMX Universe 16 w/ 100 RGB pixels

DMX Universe 17  "

DMX Universe 18  "


With some of the new changes I am working on, I now need to re-ID those to another number.


What is the easiest and simplest way to do this without having to change each RGB Channel Setting individually.


I am still in the process of modifying my Template for the year. So once changed, I will Export a template to read into all my other sequences.


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If you mean you need to change universes, that's easy. Go to the channel configuration list and select change device (or something like that - I'm on my phone so I can't look at the exact wording). Give it the new universe number. Real easy and very fast.

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Jim, not sure what you are thinking, but there is no way to change a device when you have individual RGB channels. Unless I am missing something.


Ron, I was thinking along those lines but was hoping that there was an easier way. Doing it that way would mean using a sequence that has nothing for those channels so when they get deleted nothing is really lost.


LOR - DevMike if you read this, this is ridiculous that there is no easy way to accomplish this. This should be an enhancement. Unless there is something in the Pixel Editor that can manage it.......... Need to check that........

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Sure you can - providing I understand what you are trying to do.  I'm understanding that you have a a bunch of RGB channels in DMX universe 18 and you want to change them to universe 19.  Takes seconds.  Now that I'm front of a computer....


In Sequence editor, Menu > Tools > Channel Configuration

On the Channel configuration screen, click "Change Controller".

On the Change controller screen select the desired universe to change (18 in the example).

Near the bottom of the Change Controller screen, where it says Universe, select the desired new universe number (19 in this example).

Click "OK".

When it asks to confirm the change, select "Yes"

Back on the Channel Configuration screen, click "OK"

You're done.

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Damn, I hate when I trip on something. I was in that screen earlier today and for some reason I did not get that out of the operation. Who knows what I thought :blink: 


Very cool, thanks Jim!


Oh, yeah  Dev Mike forget that enhancement..... :wacko:

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BTW, if the track is locked, you must unlock the track first. In my case, track 1 is my master track and is normally locked, so had to unlock first to walk through the procedure.

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