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I'm guessing this is a Microsoft update issue, as I ran the update on Friday night.


I had programmed using the Pixel editor on Thursday.


This morning I fire up the PE, and it's telling me that I have OpenGL 1.1 on my machine. I did try a simple re-install of 4.1.2 over my current 4.1.2, but still getting the same error. (Not sure if a registry clearing is needed, or if it would even help.)


Win 7 Pro. LOR 4.1.2


Anyone run into an issue like this? 


Anyone have any idea where I can get the OpenGL driver updated drivers?

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OpenGL drivers would be part of the Video drivers for your Video card.  


They may have updated and are now reporting an incorrect OpenGL version - or possibly they were reverted by the Windows Update.


Take a restore point.  Go to the mfg of the Video Card and download their latest drivers and see what happens.  If you still have issues, revert to the restore point and try an older driver.

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Well, something did a number on it.


Device Manager was showing a recent (but not yesterday) date on the graphics driver. Download from the manufacturer and re-install seems to have resolved the issue.

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Video drivers (and the issues they create) harken back to an older more complex time when device drivers pretty much could ruin an entire windows install.  Most things now a days are recoverable....  Video drivers are still voodoo.

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