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eithernet switch

John (oldandslow)

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Last year I ran a E6804 in multi cast.


This year I would like to run two additional E682 in multicast. the total amount of pixels for the three controllers will be about 1500 pixels.


Would a normal 10/100 either net switch be ok? I seen one at Walmart for 15.00


I would like to insert short video clips in my matrix what is the best and easiest format  to use.


I am open to all suggestion since this is a giant step forward for me.





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Yes, a simple Ethernet switch is what you want to drive your multiple SanDevices controllers.

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If you have the PE then you can import an uncompressed AVI. If you don't, use ffmpeg, which should be on your PC, to convert an MP4 into individual frames and import that into Nutcracker, then into the SE.

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