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Moving File - Preview Stops Working


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I modified an SE file with PE (imported the prop data, then deleted the original SE data) in a particular directory on my computer.  At that time, it created video files for each prop, and the preview played fine.  I since have reorganized, and moved my files to another folder.  Problem is, the preview doesn't show unless those video files are left in the original directory when I created the PE version of this sequence.


How can I move a sequence to another file location, and still get the preview to work?



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You have several options:

  1. You can open the sequence in PE, and then double-click on each movie effect created by the migration. When the Effect Generator opens, click the "Choose" button, and select the new location for the video file.
  2. You could edit the LPE file by hand using a text editor like Notepad -- it is just an XML file. Not elegant, but should be fast using search and replace. Make a backup copy first!
  3. If you can wait a bit, I will try to get something into the next S4 release that allows you to make mass changes from within the Pixel Editor.


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