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Reseting CTB 16PC unit ID's

Dale W

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Yesterday, I was trying to reset the unit ID's on the CTB-16PC's that I have.

I powered down; powered up with the jumper removed (it flashed quickly), powered down again, reinserted the jumper, and powered up.

When I reconnected to the unit with the computer, the unit ID was showing the same.

Is this correct or is there another way? I was thinking that if I reset an ID, that when I reestablished communication with it, it would have read something else than the previous unit ID.

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Yes, I was using the hardware utility to reestablish the ID's. But isn't there a way to reset the ID's on the units to "00" (or similiar) by following the steps above.

I would appreciate an answer from a LOR staff member as this is day 3 of my controller situation.

I thought I had found the defective controllers yesterday and ordered 2 new ones overnight.

Today, when I bring them into the controll loop, I am still having problems with the Hardware utility consistently recognizing my units.

Individually, they are working. However, when I hit refresh (on the hardware utility) sometimes it will find all the units, sometimes it will not.

Sometimes it will give question marks as the device name, and other times it will not.

Sometimes the version is denoted, othertimes it is just a question mark.

I don't like to give in to a fight, but I have thrown as much $$$ and time off from work as I can afford.

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The problems you are seeing with the controllers not showing up all the time can be caused by a communications problem or one of the controllers has gone insane and is messing things up.

The reset does not reset the Unit ID. It does reset just about everything else.

Start with one controller attached to the PC then keep adding controllers to the chain until you see a problem happen. Then that controller or the cable is to blame. Substitue a different cable and reset that controller.


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