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George Simmons

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What is the minimum firmware version that's required to be able to use the enhanced network option in S4?

Looking for info on conventional controllers and CCB/P/R controllers.


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The info I seek would be real handy to have, if not downright important to have.

Surely someone from LOR must know the answers and/or where I can find them myself.

Someone ... anyone ...

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Only G3 controllers can do Enhanced.  That includes G3 AC controllers, CMB24, Pixcon16 (when released), Cosmic Color devices.


The help file "What's New" shows what minimum version of firmware you need for each device:

CCB100D-V1_20.lhx (CB100D Cosmic Color Pixel/Bulb Controller) : Added support for Enhanced LOR networks, and fixed a bug where the bulb self test did not correctly run while the reset button was held on the controller.
CCR150D-V1_19.lhx (CR150D Cosmic Color Ribbon): Added support for Enhanced LOR networks.
CTB04Dg3-V1_01.lhx (the new 4 channel CTB04g3 AC controller; also used in the new LOR400Wg3 and LOR400ELLWg3 controllers).
CTB08Dg3-V1_02.lhx (the CTB08Dg3 controller card and the LOR800Wg3 controller): Added support for Enhanced LOR networks.
CTB16PCg3-V1_08.lhx (the CTB16PCg3 card and the gen3 residential controllers): Added support for Enhanced LOR networks.
CTB32Lg3-V1_12.lhx (the CTB32L card and the LOR16xxWg3 light controllers). Added support for Enhanced LOR networks.
iDMX1000_V1_50.lhx (the iDMX1000 controller). Fixed a problem with missed effects when running at 115.4K. Added support for 500K. Added support for Enhanced LOR networks.
MP3g3-V5_32.lhx (G3 MP3 Dual Network Director): Supports Enhanced LOR networks, and fixes two bugs: (1) In some cases, the firmware would believe that the sound and lights were extremely out of sync when they were not.  This would cause error detection code to be triggered which would stop the song that was playing and move on to the next song. (2) In some cases, the firmware would ignore a show's schedule.  Instead, a show would start as soon as the SD card was inserted.
uMP3g3-V5_32.lhx (G3 Mini Director): Supports Enhanced LOR networks, 
There have been a couple of updates since the initial release:
Version 1.21 of the Cosmic Color Bulb/Cosmic Color Pixel firmware has been released.  This version fixes a problem with LOR Enhanced mode and the last channel (310) of the unit not working when in Extended ID Mode.
Version 1.05 of the firmware for the CMB24D card has been released (filename CMB24D-V1_05.lhx).  It has support for the Enhanced LOR Protocol.
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And for the CMB16D (16 channel DC controller), version 1.34 gets you 500K and Enhanced Protocol (confirmed by me that it works).

One more thing for those that use such, input triggers DON'T work with Enhanced Protocol (I had to re-arrange my network last weekend because of that).

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