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Al Saunders

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Hi Everyone,


So far I'm loving the new S4, Superstar and Pixel Editor. I think I am getting everything together in my mind but want to run my setup by everyone to make sure I have it right or would like to know what won't work. I'm sure I'm not the only person with Gen2 AC controllers as well as Gen3 ones. From what I learned from DevMike at the Expo I need to put the Gen2 and older controllers on a regular, non enhanced network running at normal or recommended speed. The Gen3 controllers, CCD's and pixels can be run at 500K speed on the enhanced network. I know I have 1 Gen2 controller because the unit id is set by the little dials not a digital display (pro series in metal boxes). Please see setup below and correct me if I'm wrong in any way.


Gen2 controller on "regular" network at 115 speed (with regular black usb dongle)

Gen3 controllers on Aux A network enhanced at 500k speed (with red usb dongle)

CCR's on Aux A network enhanced at 500k speed

16 string e682 pixel package running on DMX network via E1.31 - all visualizations pixel packed.


I currently have 3 CCR's. Should they be on their own network (Aux B)?


I appreciate any help and replies.








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I think you pretty much have it.  Three CCRs on a 500K network should not be a problem with your G3 AC controllers.


In my case I have my three sets of CCPs on AuxB, but that was more because last year it was the only things I could run at 500K.  Now with my DC controllers firmware updated, they can run at 500K and enhanced, but since I already have the cable for the CCPs permanently installed in conduit, I'm going to go ahead and run them on AuxB.  So my network looks like (or will after this weekend):


Regular:  57K non-enhanced - 1 x CTB08, 2 x CTB16PC, 2 x InputPup  (Year-round)

AuxA:  57K Enhanced - 3 x CMB16D  (Year-round)

AuxB:  500K Enhanced - 3 x CCPs  (Christmas only)

E1.31:  25 RGB channels year-round, about 1,300 RGB channels for Christmas

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