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I am trying to migrate my S3 files (the pixels) into S4.  Everything seemed to work fine except for the windows.  I have two windows with pixels, Left Window and Right Window.  When I imported them the left window imported perfect.  The right window only imported 3 sides of the window.  The 4th side will light up at unexpected times and a different color.


Things I have tried:


Starting over and importing again.  It did the same thing but on a different side of the window.


Tried it on a different computer


Looked for errors in the S3 file or cross duplication of channels with other props.


Here is a link to a Preview Design of what I am trying so poorly to describe.




Also, if I try and import it again, I get a big 'ol long error message.  Do I just need to delete the Right Window avi to re-import it?







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