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Loading files into Show Editor

Chris A

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When creating a sequence in the pixel editor do you simply load that file into the show editor to create a show? In other words do the files load just like files that are created in the sequence editor? I read all 55 pages of the help file  but I could have missed it. Thanks

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I'm not the expert here as I am not yet doing anything productive with PE, but the output intensity file from PE is loaded into SE and that result is selected in the show editor.

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Jim is correct. The Pixel Editor has 2 outputs for each sequence:


1) The series of effects that make up that sequence. This gets saved when you use the File > Save command from the PE menu (or use the Ctrl-S shortcut). These files have an LPE extension.


2) The set of intensity data that is a result of those effects (the intensity value for every channel, every 50 milliseconds). This gets saved when you use the File > Save Intensity Data command from the PE menu. These files have an LID extension.


As you are sequencing with the Pixel Editor, you should be saving the LPE file often (Ctrl-S makes this really easy). You don't need to save the intensity data until you are ready to schedule your show, or whenever you want to see the result using the Sequence Editor.



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