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Breaking Matrix into Pieces


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Not sure if this is where this question goes, but here it is.  I have set up my BIG Matrix using the custom settings in PE and it works great.  Now I would like to break it up into 4 equal parts.  So I set up 4 smaller Matrix's in PE and assign the pixels the same channels and universes as where they are located in the BIG Matrix.  The playback preview looks good in the PE sequencer, but doesn't work on the actual lights.  Is this a possibility?  If so can someone help me out please?

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Start by creating PE props for the 4 "sub" matrices. Then put all 4 in a prop group with Arrange type of "preview". A given lighting channel should only exist in a single prop, but that prop can be a member of multiple prop groups.



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Thanks for the response Matt.  I think that's what I did only in reverse. (I did one big one then separated them out) I guess the effect I'm looking for, is say 4 pin wheels that merge to the center to create one large one that spans all 4 quadrants.  I'll have to play around some more to see how I can come close to this.  I know I can do 2 using the left and right and adjusting the Position Offset Sliders.  I downloaded v28 today an noticed there are now 2 lines for each prop.  I don't know if that's new or if I turned it on somehow today, but it will help with this as well, but only with the effects that have that Position Offset Slider option.  It would be awesome if they all had a starting center point for Top, Bottom, Left, Right. 

That's a bummer you can't have a channel to more than one prop.

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