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Jeff Messer

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I started playing in the PE today after upgrading to version.28 from version .26. The import works well but I noticed that the AC channels do not play properly and even misses/shows different color. I also noted that it misses a few of the universes on my roof.


I imported the visualizer file in the preview opened a sequence and used the migration tool to bring in the sequence. Hit Play and its all messed up. I tried to load another sequence and it points to another preview that has been deleted. The PE stops and crashes !! Where do I find all the saved file for the PE so I can delete all and start over. I see many in the sequence file but there must be more that need to be deleted. This did not start happening till I saved the intensity file.


BTW. All sequences run perfect in the visualizer and the SE.


Kind of lost here now and nothing I found on the forum helps.


HELP!!!!  Haha



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