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LOR Tray crashing


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On my show computer, I started having the LOR Tray crash on a somewhat regular basis (every day).  The show computer is running LOR 3.12.2 with an OS of Windows XP on a 3GHz Pentium 4 with 1GB of RAM and an 80GB hard drive (although the LOR show files are running on a network drive from my server which is currently a 233GB RAID-1 array).  The computer reboots every afternoon at 1550, and it appears that the LOR Tray crash is right after the reboot because every time I look at that computer, the crash display is there.  However, it recovers on it's own and the landscaping show runs just fine.  The show computer does not have a keyboard, mouse, or monitor attached and is exclusively accessed via RealVNC.  Whenever I access the computer after the reboot, I see this on screen:



When I click on the "click here" at the bottom, I get this:



And when I click on the technical information "click here", this is the first part of what I get:



The log file from the status display does nto show anything abnormal.  If someone really want to look at it, it's available at this url:



Anyone have any good ideas what's going on, or suggestions for a fix?  I may just reload the LOR program files this weekend if no one has anything better.


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I haven't seen that before and I don't know what's going wrong.  However, that won't stop me from guessing:


The "ModName" shown under "Error Signature" (in your second screenshot) is "msftedit.dll".  I believe that this indicates that the error is originating in that DLL.  That DLL is a standard Microsoft DLL, for their "Rich Text Box" control, which is what LORTray uses to display the status log.


My guess would therefore be that perhaps something is wrong with that DLL on your computer.  I would suggest trying things like Windows Update and/or a reinstall of LOR.  However, before doing that:


Notice that in your third screen shot, the top box has a vertical scroll bar.  I am guessing that you could left click at the start of the text in that box, hold down the shift key, then click and drag the scroll bar all the way to the bottom, then left click at the end of text in that box, thus highlighting all of the text (even what's currently offscreen).  If so, please copy that and paste it into an email to me (bob@lightorama.com).  In the email please clearly reference this thread's URL, which is:




Also, one thing to note: If nothing (like reinstalling) seems to help, you might want to consider updating to S4; I believe that LORTray in S4 no longer uses Microsoft's Rich Text Box control.

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Windows Update won't likely do much as my show computer is XP.  Yea, I saw (and read) the entire scroll on the third box.  It would have taken many pages if I tried to paste it all into the forum message.  I will capture it and send it to you - although it will likely be a couple days.  I got called into work this morning at 01:30 after 2:30 of sleep so the only thing I will be doing when I get home is going to bed.  Maybe Thursday evening or more likely over the weekend.  Your educated guess seems as reasonable as anything else I could come up with.


I do plan on updating that PC to S4, but likely not until it comes out of beta (or almost out).  That is my production show computer and is used every night all year so I don't want to have to mess with it during the beta testing.  When you get down to the "We think this will be the last beta (Release Candidate in Microsoft terms), I will plan on moving the show to S4.  Should be useful to you to have an actual nightly show running on the RC version, so please announce when you think you have the RC version.

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