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Hey Guys-  So I've been playing around with Pixel Editor for a couple of weeks or so now and liking it so far.  Today I ran into a couple of issues that I can't figure out.


1- When using the Picture Effect.  I chose a picture file an put into the sequence, now when I find a better picture I turn that section off in the sequence and choose the new picture,  it reverts back to the first one.  One thing I remember doing is saving the intensity data to see how it works with SE.  Is this what makes it revert back?


2-  Using the Bars Effect.  On the left side I choose H_compress and on the right side I choose V_compress the rest of the settings are the same on both sides.  On the Mixer I choose Mix_Average and center the L/R Balance bar.  When I click OK I get an error that says "No Effect Selected!"  Is this a bug or is this just not a possibility?


I am using Windows 7

Pixel Editor v4.0.16


Same issues in v4.0.24

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This is a duplicate of the post "Pixel EditorPicture and Bars Effects Issues" in the Open Beta Bug Reports. Let's keep the discussion there. Thanks for testing!



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